Bruce Brown Constructions LLC Big Island Hawaii.

Onsite Builder BaleMaker Homes
There are other so called Bali Homes, but BaleMaker are something completely different. Such is the level of craftsmanship is that they come out like big pieces of finely finshed furniture, not at all like everything else coming out of Bali. There is no other choice, if you want to buy a home from Bali deal with BaleMaker
12 April 2008

Lisa Maas, Client, - Kapoho House Big Island, Hawaii

Clients Comments
“Aloha I am glad that business is treating you well, your quality and attention to detail has made a difference with our home, please read for yourself, the appraisal of the house, simply amazing”

Island Wide Appraisers LLC, Big Island Hawaii.

Appraisal for Kapoho House (Lisa & Craig Maas)
“Excellent quality hardwood residence, with 2BR, 2BA, 15’Lanai breakfast bar, 608 SF covered deck& 2,378 SF of below dwelling patio area. Quality of residence is on par with larger multi million $ homes. Improvements are in new condition and are of the finest craftsmanship”
10 November 2008

Randy Schwarting- Sulawesi Breeze House - Kauai Hawaii

“This is truly an amazing house. I cant believe the work your building company has put into this, I just cant thank you enough. Its like a big piece of furniture, the whole house is just beautiful. Phyllis and I love living in this so much. If we can ever reckomend you or your company for another client please dont hesitate to ask because what you have done for us is really wonderful!”
14 Nov 2010

Sylvia Sepielli - Ritz Carlton Kapalua Maui, Spa Resort

“I loved working with your superb product & attention to detail, it was a wonderful experience!
I look forward to doing another resort project with you in the future”
Sylvia Sepielli (the worlds leading & award winning Spa Retreat Designer) 19 Nov 2009

Michelle Rickman, Brazil Mist MR House-Long Island Bahamas

“You guys did it again! She withstood Cat 3 hurricane Irene, enduring 120mph winds with gusts up to 150 mph.
Not a scrap of damage was to found, we are so relieved & thankful. Please share the good news with the whole crew. Relieved & happy to now have a new marketing direction for the islands”

Russ & Wendy Gilbertson - Oahu Manis Oahu Hawaii March 2013

Hi Peter
We are in Hawaii and felt it necessary to email you again to let you know how beautiful and incredible our  house is. You're truly an artist and we appreciated working with you. I know we have said this before but I are truly grateful for your remarkable work. Although there were a few problems with the onsite works and bumps in the process the end result is still incredible. Landscaping is completed with the lighting and the lighting of the Banyan tree reflects all over the town of Kailua and is really beautiful. Aloha
Russ and Wendy

Ray Murray, Manager, CI Tropical Homes - Christmas Island Australia

Balemaker client & distributor - Christmas Isl Australia
"I have been researching houses built out of Bali for the past three years and can only say that nothing comes remotely close to the operation you have here in Bali & the quality of the houses you produce. It seems that there are so many agents here & on the internet without real legitimate businesses that often end up taking you to the same local standard low quality factory/s here in Bali. Your company BaleMaker, is the best and miles in front of anything we have found. Any serious buyers need to come to Bali & see that for themselves!"
03 March 2010