Tan Residence

Billy & Betty Tan Residence  – Christmas Island, Australia
This is the third & latest designed and built house by Bale Maker For Christmas Island, North Western Australia. The clients, esteemed business people on the island, Billy & Betty Tan, wanted Balemaker to design a complete custom home for them, with slightly different paremeters than the typical post and beam construction, Balemaker is known for. They also wanted this home as an investment property, with three bedrooms, office, kitchen built in Washer & Dryer, covered car space at the rear and a nice expansive front covered deck. We are very happy to be working together again with Troy Watson from WICES on Christmas Island, as our experienced and resident onsite builder and clients representative. Troy & Vicky (Troys Wife & company manager) are great to work with, proffesional hard working and after two previous builds with us are very efficient at handling the whole onsite process. The result is that we have been able to come up with a very attractive & efficient design, which conforms to all council and BCA requirements.







WICES, Watson Island Carpentry Onsite Contractors setout Oct 2015 Christmas Island


Floor Structure & Scaffolding PSafety Platform work Oct 2015

Onsite Foundations Sept 2015

Balemaker Loading Bays capacity 2 x 20/40 ft containers at any one time

These for Billy Tan CI. Mid 2015

Balemaker Security Guards installing COntainers Lock Seals Prior to Departure

Loading Containers with Government Inspectors

 Tan Residence Complete at BaleMakers Production Facility - Bali

Beautiful Eluminating Hardwood Class-1 Timbers

Tan Hse Concept Renders & Design By BaleMaker at Prelim Development Stage

Onsite Builder Troy Watson Training at Factory with BaleMaker Expat Management

Tan Patio Sliders & Hardwood Solid Doors

Tan Residence Under Construction Balemaker Factory West Bali

 Western & Indonesian Architects & Design Builders

 Experienced Trained Craftsmen



 Balemaker Timber Precision Processing

Tan Residence Timber supplied by Balemaker, V-legal International Conformity