Samudra Resort

From 2009 to 2011 BaleMaker has been involved with the preparation and designs for the Samudra Resort in Airlie Beach, QLD Australia. This included the prefabrication of several proto type villa units and also the Phase one prefabrication of the Managers Reception & Residence Building which has now been installed onsite. Apart from prefabrication of the various structures, BaleMaker also assisted in re-engineering all the structures in Merbau & Bangkirai Hardwoods for the Council & BCA Requirements in Australia. Being for a commercial application this project required allot of additional engineering and BCA requirements including energy saving systems, Disabled access & windows and doors etc.
For the prefabrication of the Residence & Reception Building, the client wanted to use a combination of block work walls and slab ground floor with BaleMaker supplying; All timber trusses and roof underlay materials, balustrading, stairs and deck structures, Portico structure, all windows and doors including carved feature doors, the design and supply of all stainless fixings including connections of the supplied timber work to the clients block work walls and slabs onsite.
Such was the high level of commitment, programming and expertise provided by BaleMaker, that the Project Manager, Mr Daniel Bird, highly praised our efforts, going way beyond what our scope of work was, and would recommend us for any Commercial or Resort work within the North Queensland region in the future.
This project is ongoing and awaiting further funding and approvals before the undertaking of the intended 127 villa’s are to be built. BaleMaker has also assisted in providing logistics and timeline programming and contingencies for the next stage of works, which are currently waiting confirmation.

Managers & Reception Building (Phase-1) Completed Onsite

Phase II Villas Concept

Phase III Villas Concept

Pendopo Onsite Installation

Villa Prototypes-BaleMaker Factory-Bali

Managers & Reception Roof BaleMaker Factory-Bali

Managers & Reception Roof BaleMaker Factory-Bali

Pendopo Construction-BaleMaker Factory-Bali

Phase 1 Interior Carved Doors-BaleMaker Factory-Bali

Glass Louvers Production-BaleMaker Factory-Bali