BaleMaker The first to be Accredited with New International Timber Export License,

December 2014 - BaleMaker Tropical Homes (PT.FEI) is proud to announce that it is one of the first & only prebuilt timber house company’s in Indonesia to be fully certified with the new, internationally accredited Timber Legality Assurance System known in Indonesia as the SVLK export licensing system.
This new system requires a clear chain of custody, which ultimately ensures that customers are purchasing 100% legally harvested timber This system conforms with both the Lacey Act in The United States and the VPA from The European Union.
The SVLK goes further as having strict controls including the requirement for SVLK holders to obtain a V-Legal document for evey consignment or export. The V-Legal document ensures that the company’s timber products truly come from 100% legal sources.

BaleMaker’s senior staff were invited to a conference held in Denpasar late 2014 to go through the rules and explanation of how the new system will operate. During the question and answer part of the conference BM’s staff were alarmed to hear that so few company’s here in Bali & Indonesia have this new licensing system. It appears in fact, that alot/most company’s here are actually just agents who previously exported though Cargo company’s, however now by law such agents cannot obtain the new export licensing system, as only fully fledged timber house production company;s can, so that they can truly be responsible for all timber which they process and ultimately export.

Mr Indarto, BaleMaker Senior Design Manager commented “Finally a system which rewards companys for doing the right thing and also this creates a level playing field”

Peter Delahunty, BaleMaker QA Architect & Company Manager
 “In the past we have had to compete company’s & agents with poor practices and no guarantees to their customers. This really brings everyone into line, as only fully fledged real timber company;s can obtain SVLK certification. Also the system is very stringent with particular focus on the government making regular checks to each company’s production facility to ensure its documentation of timber stock is balanced and legal. At last BaleMaker is being rewarded with a system which compliments its proffesional attitude and operation. This will ultimately lead to its longegivety in the industry and have a real positve impact on a sustainable timber business in Indonesia. We are thrilled to be a part of this new era”


BaleMaker Management with The New SVLK Certification

The New V-Legal Stamp system will be required on all export shipments of timber as with BaleMakers last export as to the Kingdom of Tonga, shown here, Dec 2014

Container loaded at BaleMaker Factory Dec 2014 complete with V-Legal Certification!